Fuzz Townhead’s Beetlejuice HD30 5ltr


Classic Oils Beetlejuice HD30 monograde has been specially blended for the demands of the classic Beetle and other vehicles requiring a heavy duty SAE 30 engine oil.

Formulated from high quality base oils and a carefully chosen additive package, the dual demands of cooling and lubrication are handled easily, ensuring your Beetle enjoys a long life and reliable running.

‘Heavy Duty’/’HD’ was a standard used before API specifications were introduced and was one of the very first standards to require an anti-oxidant and detergent content; this contrasted to the additive-free and detergent-free oils that were also commonly used at the time, but is a very small treat rate compared to todays’ modern engine oils.


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  • Cost effective
  • High zinc levels
  • Maintains engine cleanliness



CharacteristicsClassic Oils Beetlejuice HD30SAE ViscositySAE 30Viscosity Index100Performance LevelAPI: SE / CCZinc as ZDDP (ppm)500Base Oil GroupGrp IDetergent-Dispersant PackageLowOther–